Thematic training

We organize these trainings either in company or via an open registration.

Creatieve Werk- en Leervormen met Impact
People in organizations have been gathering to exchange information, make decisions, set up projects, share knowledge or learn something. The outdated working styles no longer answer to the current challenges. Which methods match best with what I want to accomplish or the behaviour I want to see changed?
Respectvol Beïnvloeden
Every day, in one way or another, we try to influence others or ourselves and address them in a different way. Influencing is not a question of simple techniques but your entire person: values, convictions, intentions, non-verbal and verbal behaviour determine whether you obtain your goal or not.
Inspirerend Leidinggeven
You are not born a leader. Inspiring leadership will offer you several insights and skills that will support you in carrying out a strong vision, to enthuse yourself and your colleagues.
Ontwikkelen van Digitale leermodules
Via digital training modules you will learn to increase the level of efficiency and impact of learning and change processes. We will look for an efficient methodology to convert your training/course specifically to a digital environment.


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